General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions (hereafter conditions) of EA Hotel Joseph 1699 Skalní 85/8, 674 01 Třebíč (hereafter hotel) regulate contractual relations between the hotel keeper – Accomo Ltd. based in Rešice, 671 73, Reg. No. 269 29 414 (hereafter keeper) and the client – a natural or legal person who the staying in the hotel orders (hereafter client).

I. Staying order, contractual relation start

The client orders the hotel staying via post, mail, fax, e-mail, reservation system on hotel websites or personally. The reservation order must contain:

  • Client´s name and surname, date and place of birth, permanent address, contact (telephone or e-mail), for legal person – business name, Reg. No., VAT ID
  • Number of persons, staying date and length, room type/ apartment

The hotel must be informed about ordering the staying by a native for a foreigner. After properly exposed order or binding reservation request is the client bound by this document. The contractual relation between the hotel and the client starts when  binding reservation request was made (According article IV. of this document). The hotel pledges to provide agreed services and the client guarantees to pay agreed price. The contractual relation terms applies to all persons listed in the order / reservation request which the client made and the hotel confirmed.

II. Client´s rights and responsibilities

Client has the right to:

  • Be adequately and fully informed about agreed hotel services, ie – their scope, date and costs
  • Require proper agreed hotel services after hotel´s confirmation and the deposit payment
  • Cancel the confirmed reservation order/request at any time in case that the cancellation conditions were kept in accordance with Article VII.
  • Make a complaint because of provided services-defects

The client is obligated to:

  • To state completely and rightly all essential reservation order/request requirements
  • Pay to the hotel in a given date full price for staying as a deposit payment
  • Respect rules of used tools
  • Check carefully the issued staying confirmation and contact the hotel if there are any discrepancies

III. The hotel duties to the client

The hotel is obligated to:

  • Provide the client with important staying information
  • Confirm to client his properly ordered reservation and provide him with information on his staying in writing form
  • Guarantee proper agreed hotel services when binding reservation or confirmed order by the hotel
  • In case of cancellation of confirmed order/binding reservation by the customer to pay back the deposit payment within 14 days after obtaining cancellation. However, if the hotel is entitled to cancellation fees, the hotel pays back just the difference between the deposit payment and the cancellation fees. When the binding reservation was made with credit card data, the hotel has the right to take the cancellation fees from client´s account.

IV. Prices for services and their payment

Prices for services provided by the hotel can be found at:

A binding reservation can be provided after:

  • Payment in full for agreed services
  • Partial payment for agreed services after the agreement with the hotel
  • Providing credit card information (type/card issuer, holder/owner, expiration date, card number, card security code) – required for card pre-authorisation in an amount of estimated value of agreed services

If these conditions are not satisfied, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation and inform the client about this fact.

Payment for agreed services can be done via:

  • Bank transfer to hotel bank account bei Československá obchodní banka, a.s., branch bank in Třebíč,  code for domestic payments: 0300,   BIC/SWIFT: CEKOCZPP, Acct No: 274840998 / 0300 (in CZK),  IBAN: CZ03 0300 0000 0002 7484 0998
  • Credit card
  • Payment in cash

If the deposit is not paid within the agreed date, the hotel may cancel a confirmed order. When not paying the deposit because of staying cancellation, the duty of service cancellation in writing does not perish. Deposit payment means the transfer amount to the hotel account.

V. Staying confirmation

The client is entitled to gain agreed services on the basis of the hotel staying confirmation (e-mail or letter). The client is obligated to check the accuracy of information and contact the hotel reception desk (+420 602 721 776) or if there are any discrepancies.

VI. Arrival to the hotel

The client proves himself with ID, passport or other identification card on his arrival. The client will be accommodated after completion of these formalities and the receptionist will provide him with other information concerning his staying.

VII. Cancellation conditions

  • The client has the right to cancel the confirmed reservation order/request at any time in case the cancellation conditions were kept. The cancellation by the client should be in writing and delivered provably to the hotel.
  • Cancellation conditions referring to the cancellation of accommodation, catering and conference services by the customer.
  • This cancellation policy applies to the cancellation of the partial reservations too. (Cancellation fees also apply to the canceled parts of the stay - reducing of the room-/person numbers or length of the stay)
  • In case of untimely termination or interruption of the customer´s stay without hotel´s fault, the hotel is not obliged to pay back the whole or partial price for the accommodation.

  • Hotel reserves the right to make credit card pre-authorisation before your arrival to the hotel.


  • If the customer cancels the reservation at least 48 hours at working days before arrival (no later than 2 p.m. 2 working days before arrival), the hotel will charge a cancellation fee in the amount of costs incurred to refund money to client.
  • The hotel charges a cancellation fee in the amount of accommodation price for one night if the customer cancels the reservation 48 hours and less before arrival ( until 2 p.m. 2 working days before arrival)

Group reservation:

For written binding order is required: address, name of the customer, date of issuance, company identification number, VAT registration number, bank account.

A group of 8 and more persons will be charged with a fee if:

  • Cancellation 30-23 days before arrival - cancellation fee 10% price of stay
  • Cancellation 22-14 days before arrival - cancellation fee 30% price of stay
  • Cancellation 13-08 days before arrival - cancellation fee 50% price of stay
  • Cancellation 7 - 4 days before arrival - cancellation fee 75% price of stay
  • Cancellation 3 night or no-show - cancellation fee 100% price of stay

The hotel does not charge any cancellation fee if the group reservation is cancelled at least 30 days before specified and confirmed arrival.

Terms of payment:

  • The hotel reserves the right to request deposit of 50 % of the reservation amount at the date of making the reservation
  • The rest of the reservation amount will be paid by the customer at least 2 days before the group arrival
  • Final account for provided services will be ready after end of stay.

VIII. Final Provisions

Terms and conditions come into force on 1st May 2011 and can be individually changed in written – it depends on the agreement between the hotel and the client.

Personal client´s data specified in the order/reservation will be used only for the contractual relation between the hotel and the client.


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